About Slothby.club

TL;DR - Slothby.club is a project by a rubber duck, armed with only a keyboard, to build helpful software and tools.

So what's this all about then? I've been making browser extensions and other software tools for myself and others since 2017. Historically these have all been freelance projects, or personal tools that don't see the light of day outside of my own use, but around late 2019 I decided to start aiming for releasing some of them to the wider world.

So ... then what? Well, it turns out it took me some time to build things that I'd want to release, but here we are: I've released my first browser extension for others to enjoy, Broom, and I've got several more that are in various stages of ideation to completion that I might finish one day. With all this, I decided I should grab a dedicated spot to stuff them all under, and so Slothby.club was born. Thanks, new gTLD's.