Sweep your data up!

Broom is a web scraper, packaged into a convenient browser extension, that lets you scrape data from a web page into a CSV or JSON file with just a few clicks.

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That's how easy we think it is to scrape data using Broom. Seriously.

Select Your Data

Broom gives an easy to use, point-and-click interface to select your data.

Power User Friendly: Broom also lets you hand edit the CSS Selector to really hone in on the specific element you want.

As an added bonus, Broom validates your CSS Selector and will notify you if there's a problem with it.

Extract What's Important

Pick from extracting text, the HTML inside of your select, the HTML of your selection, or anchor links and image sources with Brooms "Granularity Selector."

Use the Root Selector to limit what Broom scrapes on busy pages to further refine your scrape.

Scrape Multiple Pages

Tell Broom which button to click to load the next page, then let Broom take the wheel by clicking it's pagination button for as many pages as you want to scrape.

Save Your Scraped Data

Broom lets you preview and save your data in several formats, including as a CSV, or as JSON.

Save & Load Configs

Setup a scrape, save it and then load it back at a later time. Broom lets you save your config to your harddrive so you can easily backup or exchange it with friends. You are in control of your data with Broom.

Configurable Settings

Sometimes Broom's highlighters are difficult to see, or just not your color. Broom gives you the settings to pick what works for you, choose from Highlighting, Outlining or Masking for each of the highlighters and customize their colors and other settings.

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