Transparency Logs

When developing apps and browser extensions, it's common to receive communications, offering shared profit for the simple task of including a small bit of "harmless code" into the next release. Another avenue of sketchiness are offers to quietly buy the applications so that this code can be added and updated at will.

Both of these situations are designed to exploit the trust between the software developer and the users by introducing invasive and privacy eroding trackers, data scrapers, crypto miners or other forms of malware and spyware. is unfortunately not immune to these requests; However, we believe that they are actively harmful to our users and will not pursue them. This page aims to serve as an additional layer of trust, by keeping track of these malicious requests as we receive them, for all to see.


Prior to starting this transparency page, has recieved 4 separate offers to include code in our Broom browser extension. Every offer email was marked as spam and immediately deleted without any reply or followup.

These offers all suggested a “partnership” in which would put a small bit of would-be provided code into Broom. This code was described as “collecting analytics” and would “pre-anonymize” the collected data before sending it securely to their server. © 2024 Josh Ashby | All rights reserved. | Be kind out there.

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